Personal Health Record

Clarus Personal Health Record

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ClarusPHR is an electronic personal health record that allows you to gather and manage your medical information. ClarusPHR addresses the issue regarding the availability of an individual’s healthcare record, as follows:

  • It has become necessary for an individual to ‘own‘ and ‘control‘ as much information about his/her health as possible.
  • It is difficult to just rely on your doctor‘s records, especially during emergencies when access is not available.
  • The information being kept at the doctor‘s records may also not be enough to give an overall assessment of one‘s health.

With ClarusPHR, data is shown in easy to understand format, whether as raw data or through graphical presentations. It can be accessed using Internet Browser from desktops or mobile devices (tablets) and can be implemented as a service or subscription to individuals.

Benefits of ClarusPHR

  • Easy, immediate and secure access to valuable patient information anytime, anywhere from PC/Notebook or Tablets/Smartphones
  • Works in both Online and/or Local environments with 2-way Interface facility
  • Affordable, on-demand PHR subscription model, reducing cost for upfront expenditure on hardware and implementation
  • Allows an individual to port his/her information from one medical service provider to another


  • Vital Signs Information – Weight/height, Blood pressure, Body Mass Index

  • Allergies History – Displays information relevant to the individual’s allergy history, to include inclusive dates, medication and physician involved

  • Medications History – Displays information relevant to the individual’s medication history, inclusive of dates, reason of taking medication and physician involved

  • Diagnostics History – Displays information relevant to the individual’s diagnostics history, inclusive of dates, purpose, medication and physician involved. Data is always available, whether over the internet or in your own devices (mobile, tablets)

  • Immunization History – Displays the individual’s complete immunization chart.
  • Procedures History – Keeps the individual’s records of medical procedures.
  • Dashboard View – Provides single view of PHR functions and configurations.

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