Clarus Diagnostics is designed to improve the workflow management of laboratories and diagnostic clinics from registration to releasing of laboratory results.


  • Workflow Management

Full workflow process for diagnostics centers; covers department functions from information to record-keeping.

  • Statistics Reporting

Data and graphical representation of common diseases, patient log, tests conducted, financials and company information.

  • Warehouse/Inventory Management

Real time inventory tracking of medical stock and other consumables, plus other warehousing functions.

  • Admissions-Discharge-Transfer (ADT)

Monitoring of hospital in-patient facilities.

  • Patient Health Record (PHR)

Keeps information of patient for reference based on medical functions performed.

  • Charging/Billing Management

Complete charging system from laboratory to payment; accepts cash, credit and health card/HMO modes.

  • Health Card Transactions

Monitors HMO transactions for easy reference.

  • Image Storing

Handles multiple images per patient for diagnostics reference.

  • Referral System

Connects with other reference sites for tests conducted outside the clinic.

  • Queuing/Scheduling System

Handles patient scheduling and queuing (for both scheduled and walk-in cases).